Developer Threatens EA With Penis Monster

Last year’s disturbing PS3 title Alice: Madness Returns was as twisted as they come, but apparently EA wanted studio head American McGee, and the rest of the developers at Spicy Horse to alter Alice into an even darker domain. American McGee posted on his Facebook today:

[EA] wanted more violence, more gore, more sex, more horror and more offensive ‘stuff’—I think they had in mind a sort of Dante’s + Alice thing.

So American McGee did what anyone with a crudely aggressive sense of humor would do, he scared EA off with a pornographic snail monster, which he threatened to include in the game:

Anyway, after I sent them the “M-Snail” and threatened to put it in the intro sequence of the game they calmed down a bit.

Good times.

You can view the uncensored snail monster by clicking here. But bear in mind, the image is as NSFW as you’d expect. You can also watch the trailer for Alice: Madness Returns below – do you feel like Alice isn’t dark enough?


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