Character and Stage DLC Confirmed for PlayStation All-Stars

Due to the fantasy cross-over ‘PlayStation celebration’ mantra SuperBot Entertainment is employing with All-Star’s design (and the notable roster omissions), downloadable content for PlayStation All-Stars seems like an inevitability. But, the official response has always been slight variations on a very safe answer:

It has dawned on us that it’s very important and fans are interested in it. If there’s enough fan interest post-launch, we definitely want to support the game with DLC. Absolutely.

Late last week, however, France’s official PlayStation Blog gave a hard confirmation to DLC characters, and stages, in an interview with SuperBot’s Community Manager, Daniel Maniago.

When questioned whether Battle Royale will have post-launch support, in the form of downloadable characters, and arenas, Daniel Maniago responded (translated):

Yes, there will be additional characters, as well as other forms of DLC levels.

Awkward translation aside, this is wonderful (completely expected) news. Who do you hope will enter the fray after PlayStation All-Stars’ November 20th launch?

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