PlayStation All-Stars Update – No Unlockable Characters, DLC Considered, Crash Bandicoot Mentioned

In a lengthy video interview, SuperBot’s Lead Game Designer Omar Kendall answered a variety of community queries ranging from Crash Bandicoot’s inclusion, and DLC characters to arcade mode and the end boss.

Responding specifically to fan requests for Crash Bandicoot, Omar acknowledged the marsupial’s popularity, but uttered nothing in the way of confirming him one way or the other:

We obviously know at SuperBot and at Sony how important various characters are to the game, Crash Bandicoot in particular. We got this question at San Diego Comic Con and my president, Chan Park, gave a very good answer: ‘It takes two to tango’. We know the fans want Crash. We want Crash. Crash is not owned by Sony. So it is a negotiation between Sony and the IP holders for all of the characters that exist in the game. We’re very interested in making that happen but it’s not for free. I do want the fans out there to know that obviously we recognized the interest in Crash and characters like Crash.

When questioned about post-launch All-Stars being added via DLC, Omar offered a much more hopeful answer:

It has dawned on us that it’s very important and fans are interested in it. If there’s enough fan interest post-launch, we definitely want to support the game with DLC. Absolutely.

But, unfortunately, Omar re-confirmed the 20 launch roster statement from last week while notably stating that they’ll all be unlocked and ready to brawl from the get-go:

Ya, we went back and forth on this; ultimately we decided not to have any characters locked so the entire roster will be available and unlocked the first time you play the game

Omar went onto speak about the underlying story connecting all the characters in the game, while alluding to the villain who will be the force drawing these characters together:

There is an evil mastermind (I wont call him evil) who’s sorta responsible for the things you’re experiencing and you’ll get a sense for who that is through the arcade mode

What DLC characters would you like to see eventually added to the All-Stars roster should Battle Royale become a smash success?