The Walking Dead Episode 4: Around Every Corner Stats Trailer Is Up

With the release date of The Walking Dead Episode 5: No Time Left happening most likely on either November 20th or 27th, Telltale Games has released the stats trailer for Episode 4: Around Every Corner.

Because I have yet to play Episode 4 (I’m waiting for Episode 5 to release so I can play them back to back), I can only assume what this trailer includes. My guess is that your choices will range from choosing which cupcakes to give Clementine for her birthday and which of Clementine’s parents you want to give her a hug first.

I highly doubt there will be any death or any decisions you have to make involving someone’s death…

Anyways, check out the stats trailer right below here and feel free to tell us which choices you ended up making in the comments section below.


We’ll let you know as soon as Episode 5: No Time Left is set to come out and don’t forget that the entire series is coming to retail next month.