Backwards Compatibility in PS4 Could be “Very Difficult to Achieve” Guesses Game Developer

Clever Beans, the developer behind the Vita/PS3 cross-play title When Vikings Attack have speculated that it could be difficult to make the PlayStation 4 backwards compatible with the PS3.

When questioned as to whether When Vikings Attack will be playable on future Sony platforms by PSU, the developer’s directors denied knowledge of future Sony hardware, as well as saying that they won’t be working on a When Vikings Attack sequel. But they did have an opinion on whether the PlayStation 4 could be backwards compatible with the PS3:

As to whether PS4 will be backwards-compatible, we can only guess; but I would think that is something that would be very difficult to achieve.

Clever Beans did suggest that the ability to play PS3 titles could be performed through cloud-streaming, however. We uncovered that Gaikai has teased a bunch of PS3 games for their service.

The developer has also heard through the grapevine that the PS4 is based on standard PC hardware, as opposed to the PS3’s uniquely difficult to develop for architecture. If true, this should make the PS4 easier for studios to initially program for, while presumably making porting between Microsoft’s next console easier.

Will you be upset if the PlayStation 4 lacks the ability to playback the PS3’s solid gaming software library? Would cloud-streaming your current Blu-ray gaming collection suffice?

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