Nielson Survey: Kids Want PS3 Over Xbox 360, No One Cares About Move or Vita

November 23, 2012Written by Jesse Meikle

Nielson recently released a survey inquiring into what tech gadgets the market is seeking over the next 6 months. The results are both predictable and unexpected.

When children 6-12 are concerned, the top wanted gaming device is the recently released Wii U with 39% of kids hoping to hop into some Nintendo branded gaming. Next up is the Kinect at 31% followed shortly after by the 3DS at 29% and then the PlayStation 3 just barely edges out the Xbox 360 with 26% over 25%. The PlayStation Portable beats out “Android Smartphone” with 18% over 16%, however, the Android number is fishy since “Smartphone other than iPhone”, “Android Smartphone”, “Galaxy Note” and “Other Mobile Phone” are all ill-defined, and in separate categories.

The PlayStation Move, and Vita sit further down the list, both going unloved at 14%.

The large 13 and up category is much more balanced as you can see above, though older consumers do share a lot of general similarities with their kiddie counter-parts.

Do any of these statistics surprise you? What are you hoping to receive over the holidays?