The Ruthless Aria Inspires You to Pick up Mass Effect Omega

Mass Effect 3‘s Omega downloadable content released today on the PlayStation Store, and the devilishly charming leader of the Talon mercenary group has some choice inspirational words to get you pumped to take down a bevy of new challenges that await.

The central antagonist of the Omega expansion is General Oleg Petrovosky who has enslaved the scummy citizens of Omega. Petrovosky seems to have the Illusive Man backing him with Cereberus’s staple infantry force, along with a reaper that has somehow fallen under Cereberus’ control.

Interestingly, mercenary leader Aria T’Loak joins your team in the Omega DLC. I have to wonder whether she remains apart of your crew after the mission – T’Loak has a host of underhanded deals, and responsibilities to attend to, so her permanent residence upon the Nomandy doesn’t (currently) make a lot of sense.

Have you been enjoying Mass Effect 3’s deep offering of downloadable content? Are you planning on snatching the Omega downloadable content? Sound off in the comments.

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