Mass Effect: The Complete Comics to Combine All of the Series’ Comics in One Package This September

Unfortunately, the jury is still out on whether Electronic Arts will release the Mass Effect trilogy in one convenient package for current-generation hardware—a generation that is rapidly coming to a close. But at least Dark Horse is offering fans a convenient way in which to enjoy the franchise’s comic series. Mass Effect: The Complete Comics is an 816-page omnibus that includes all of the series’ comic book adventures. It goes on sale later this year on September 22nd for $34.99. Preorders for the paperback collection are already live on Amazon.

Take a look at the newly shared, stylish cover art below:

Mass Effect The Complete Comics

According to the collection’s Amazon listing, Mass Effect: The Complete Comics compiles all of the following: Redemption #1-4, Mass Effect: Evolution #1-4, Mass Effect: Invasion #1-4, Mass Effect: Homeworlds #1-4, Mass Effect: Foundation #1-13, and Mass Effect: Discovery #1-4.

The Mass Effect comics are teeming with adventures, all featuring fan-favorite characters. Redemption, specifically, serves as a tie-in arc for Mass Effect 2’s Lair of the Shadow Broker story DLC. Evolution, on the other hand, is a prequel tale that begins during the First Contact War between the humans and Turians.

Invasion sees Aria T’Loak, Omega’s ruler, fend off an attack by Cerberus. Each four-issue arc of Homeworlds gives a different Mass Effect character the spotlight. Foundation features 13 issues, including stories that tie in with both Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3. Finally, Discovery follows Tiran Kandros, a Turian militia member who infiltrates the Andromeda Initiative.

Lead Writer on the trilogy’s second and third entries, Mac Walters, had a hand in writing all of the above Mass Effect comics, except for Discovery. The ME: Andromeda tie-in was instead scripted by Jeremy Barlow, who has written more than his fair share of Star Wars tales for Dark Horse Comics.

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