Daily Random: Do You Love Me? Hitman Goes Beep

So my power is being switched off today while my flats’ lifts are being redone, which means I can’t do a giant Daily Reaction. But our commitment is to keep entertaining you every single weekday, so that means it’s Daily Random Time!

Dan: Pumping out the hits:

Seb: I’m taking a break from short stories, have some poetry instead:

You turn me on

You play with me every night

I miss you when you’re gone

It gives me such a fright

You put your toys inside me

You push my buttons just right

Every time it fills me with glee

I tremble with your might

Forgive me for what I lost

My corruption was a momentary slip

I will make amends at any cost

Please don’t flip

These six years have been the best

Each one better than the last

Here’s to all the rest

Hopefully it won’t happen to fast

My head is in the clouds

My heart is in my chest

My soul hidden by shrouds

My muscles put to the test

I’m getting old

I’m getting slow

Please don’t let me get cold

Please don’t let me go


We should be back tomorrow with a regular, boring Daily Reaction, but in the meantime let us know what you think of Dan‘s growing library of yearbooks and Seb‘s attempts to write anything that isn’t more games news.

Be sure to email DR ideas, podcast comments and poetry to [email protected] to have it read out on air.