BioShock Infinite Will Have A Reversible Cover, Vote on the One You Want

Just days after Ken Levine commented on the appearance of the BioShock Infinite box art, and alluded to the fact we may see a reversible cover, Irrational Games has posted on their blog that a reversible cover is indeed happening.

By heading over to this page, you can vote on one of six designs, with the winner appearing in every single retail copy of BioShock Infinite. Because they are under a very strict deadline, the voting will end on December 19th, giving you just a week to choose your favorite.

If for some reason the one you wanted isn’t featured, there will also be a ton of different reversible covers you can download and print yourself. They are currently taking suggestions in their forums, allowing you to pitch whatever ideas you may have for an alternate cover.

We’ll post all 6 design candidates below so you can discuss them here, but make sure you head over to the Irrational Games site to place your vote.