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More Info About New BioShock Game Leaked, Reportedly Set in Fictional 1960s Antarctic City

Folks over at Video Games Chronicle and Sacred Symbols podcast host Colin Moriarty have lent some credence to recent reports of BioShock 4, which is in development at Cloud Chamber.

As previously reported, the upcoming BioShock will be set in a “new-to-franchise, isolated, dystopian city.” According to both Moriarty and VGC’s sources, the setting will be a 1960s fictional Antarctic city. Story-wise, the game will be tied to the previous three entries.

“It takes place in a 1960s Antarctic city called Borealis,” Moriarty said in a podcast for his Patreon subscribers, per VGC. “[The game is] code named ‘Parkside’… I’ve been told that the development team has incredible latitude to get it right. That seems and sounds right to me.”

Worth noting that last week’s report claimed that BioShock 4 is tentatively titled BioShock Isolation, but the leaker did say that this is subject to change. It’s possible that Parkside is just the code name whereas Isolation is what it’ll end up being called at retail. Or maybe it’ll be titled something entirely different altogether. You get the picture.

“Internally, the game is very secret and apparently, totally locked up,” Moriarty continued. “Apparently the inclination there is that they understand full well that this game will be compared to what [BioShock creator] Ken Levine does. And by the way, [Take-Two] is also publishing Levine’s next game.”

If Moriarty’s report is accurate, BioShock 4 will release sometime in 2022. The game’s existence was confirmed back in 2019, but while a current-gen release is all but confirmed, it remains to be seen if the game will land on the PS4 and Xbox One or not.

[Source: VGC]