PS3 Lifetime Sales in Japan Surpassed by Nintendo’s Latest Handheld

December 13, 2012Written by Alex Osborn

The Nintendo 3DS is one popular piece of hardware in Japan, with sales for the device now surpassing those of the PlayStation 3.

According to this week’s Media Create stats, the Big N has managed to sell a whopping 8,799,378 3DS consoles since the system first launched, officially overtaking Sony’s number of 8,716,260 PS3s sold since the hardware was released several years ago.

Just last week, the 3DS sold a staggering 211,499 units, while the PlayStation Vita sold a measly 11,039 in Japan. It’s tough to image how Sony could ever catch up to Nintendo in the handheld space considering how quickly the 3DS is flying off store shelves.

Check out the full list of hardware sales from Media Create below:

  • Nintendo Wii U – 308,142 (308,142)
  • Nintendo 3DS – 211,499 (8,799,378)
  • PlayStation 3 – 36,994 (8,716,260)
  • PSP – 19,637 (19,488,236)
  • PlayStation Vita – 11,039 (1,074,621)
  • Nintendo Wii – 6,714 (12,608,700)
  • Xbox 360 – 1,216 (1,608,399)
  • PlayStation 2 – 904 (21,829,112)
  • Nintendo DS – 424 (32,875,469)

Is the PS3’s defeat a clear indication that Sony needs to launch a new home console sooner rather than later? Would the PlayStation 4 be enough to sway Japanese gamers back to Sony’s gaming devices? Share your thoughts in the comments below.