PlatinumGames “Would Love” to Make Another Metal Gear Spinoff

December 17, 2012Written by Alex Osborn

Are you eagerly awaiting Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance? If so, then you’ll be pleased hear that PlatinumGames would love to make another one.

Yuki Korekado, creative producer at Kojima Productions, told Siliconera in a recent interview that Platinum did a great job in fleshing out the Metal Gear universe with this spinoff, and they are pleased with the result.

In Rising, we got to see Raiden grow as a character and develop as a person, Beyond that, within the Metal Gear universe there are a lot of characters and stories. Within that we were able to show the value of the universe and expand on it. We were able to prove we can create branches to explain more deep stories within the universe.

PlatinumGames’ director Atsushi Inaba went on to echo Korekado’s sentiment, adding that he and his team would love to make another game of this ilk.

I really think I was able to see Raiden grow independently and strong as a character and as a man. To be part of that was an honor. Moving forward, if Kojima Productions feels that another Raiden game is needed I would love to be a part of making Raiden’s next growth.

Are you excited at the prospect of getting more Metal Gear spinoffs, or do you just want the next major entry from Kojima Productions? Share your thoughts in the comments below.