Devil May Cry Purchase Comes with Dante’s Ugly Man Pendant (There’s a Catch)

Dante’s character redesign in Devil May Cry is panned and despised across this great globe, although I remain in the vast minority by preferring the new Dante over the older incarnation of the daring demon slayer. But there’s one aesthetic aspect of DmC’s Dante that I deplore – Dante’s giant red man necklace.

There are 3 key reasons why I dislike Dante’s digital fashion choice:

  1. Men only look decent in a certain kind of jewelry – a brightly colored stone should generally be between greater protruding peaks than Dante’s flat man chest.
  2. It hangs awkwardly long.
  3. It’s large…as in “make the other moms at the PTA meeting jealous” large.

Now that I’ve done such a terrific job promoting this dangling red rock, I should probably let you know how to acquire one for yourself.

The only way to swipe this fine fashion accessory for yourself is to purchase Devil May Cry through the Capcom store. The pompous pendant comes in the sleek black box seen below.

What do you think of Dante’s crimson jewel? Does this incentive have you considering purchasing DmC directly from Capcom?

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