Metal Gear Solid V/The Phantom Pain Alternate Trailer Released

December 21, 2012Written by Chandler Wood

The mysterious Moby Dick Studio first released a trailer for their game The Phantom Pain at the VGAs. Speculation instantly sprung up that this game was not all that it seems, with the majority of theories pointing to the game being a Metal Gear title. Hoaxes have even managed to spread rumors of incorrect information around the internet. Among all of this, Moby Dick Studio has remained completely silent until today.

Today the YouTube page for Moby Dick Studio (one of the only confirmed official channels of communication from them besides their official website) released an alternate trailer for The Phantom Pain. The recent trailer doesn’t feature anything new in the way of imagery, but the majority of the audio track is different. Enjoy the trailer below:

Do you have any new or updated theories based on this alternate take on the original trailer? Do you think the man with the bandaged face sounds like Tom Hanks now that his audio is unaltered? Does anyone want to come up with some ridiculous theory about how this is the next-gen Jak & Daxter? Start your speculating in the comments below and we’ll keep you up to speed on any more news from Moby Dick Studio as we hear it.