Crazy New IP ‘The Phantom Pain’ Unveiled at VGAs

December 7, 2012Written by Sebastian Moss

The VGAs are going on right now, and the first major world exclusive has been revealed – The Phantom Pain.

Developed by ‘Moby Dick Studio’, a studio that has no prior titles to its name, the trailer showed the protagonist waking up in hospital with an amputated arm. A Russian doctor tells him something, before enemies start coming in and start killing everyone. Then another person with a hidden face starts helping you crawl away, while questions like “Am I dreaming?” begin popping up. Oh and there’s a flying whale on fire.

Phantom pains are perceptions that an individual experiences relating to a limb or an organ that is not physically part of the body, which makes sense considering the trailer talks a lot about the mind and he’s missing a limb.

No platforms were announced (could this be next gen?), and neither was a publisher.

We’ll update you as soon as the trailer is available. Update: Here you go: