New Devil May Cry Trailer Showcases Vergil Stylishly Slaughtering

I have a secret agenda behind every Devil May Cry post I write – I’m insatiably interested in what you wonderfully outspoken folk think of the new controversial Devil May Cry reboot. If I had to peg a percent on it, I’d say that approximately 70% of (commenting) readers are against the new direction, whereas the rest are either open to, or in support of Ninja Theory’s take on Dante, and Capcom’s (previously) beloved franchise.

But, what do you think about Dante’s twin brother Vergil? From what we’ve seen – Vergil appears to be a central character to DmC‘s story. He’s also playable in his own downloadable content which will be made available after the main game’s release, and free to pre-orders. I’m not a fan of Vergil’s design, but his role as a leader of an “Anonymous” type group is incredibly intriguing.

In the video directly above, you can see some sword swinging Vergil gameplay. His style of combat may initially appear similar or identical to Dante, but the key difference is the lack of Dante’s hellish battleaxe, and ironically heavenly scythe. The contrast becomes very clear when watching both of these two new trailers.

What do you think of Vergil? Is he your snow-white (haired) ray of hope for Devil May Cry? Or is the divisive title beyond salvage?

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