Visceral Games’ “Exciting New IP” Could be an FPS

The last we heard of Visceral Games’ new IP, all we knew was that it was apparently “heavily backed by EA leadership” and that it was a “thrilling online action shooter game”.

But with the developer’s previous titles including the horror third person shooter series Dead Space, the open-word third person shooter The Godfather II and the third person hack-n-slash Dante’s Inferno, as well as the upcoming third-person shooter Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel, most assumed the game would be from the third person perspective.

However, a new job listing PSLS has uncovered suggests otherwise. The ad states:

We are seeking an experienced Multiplayer Level Designer with shooter expertise at the Visceral Redwood Shores Studio. This is a major opportunity to contribute creatively to an exciting new IP.

Crucially, the listing then goes on to say that applicants “must be an avid FPS gamer” – could this be why Guerrilla Games’ co-founder left the Killzone studio to work a Visceral?

Interestingly, Kotaku previously rumored that a Dead Space FPS was in the works, which, although not a new IP, is a new take on the franchise.

Would you prefer a whole new IP that is an FPS, or Dead Space: The FPS? Share your thoughts in the comments below.