PSLSSA: Nuketown Zombies Now Available for Season Pass Owners of Black Ops II

If you’re one of the many people who has purchased the Call of Duty: Black Ops II Season Pass, Activision has announced that the Nuketown Zombies map is now available to you for no additional cost.

Looking towards the future of what that Season Pass will bring, the Revolution DLC pack is currently rumored to be hitting the PS3 on February 28th and here’s what it brings:


Mirage: A town set in the aftermath of a sandstorm with sand dunes scattered in between buildings with one structure directly in the center; perfect for sniping and creeping up… on enemy players.

Downhill: A Ski Lodge in the French Alps with both an accessible interior and working Ski Lift for transport up the mountain for the perfect cover (or death trap).

Hydro: This large map is perfect for long distance killing and with working flood gates to block paths/take our enemies, could be the best map in the DLC.

Skate: This more compact map sees players use ramps and bowls for cover along the Venice, California Boardwalk.

Die Rise: A new Zombies map set atop buildings that are literally falling apart.


SMG: The first ever downloadable weapon in Call of Duty history. It will include its own challenges and specs

Turned: A brand new game mode that allows you to play as the zombie

Will you be killing some zombies on Nuketown today? Or is the PSN maintenance happening right now hindering your ability to do that because you’re trying to play it right now? Let us know in the comments below.

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