Star Wars 1313 Allegedly Coming to PlayStation 3 Later This Year

Contrary to prior assumptions, LucasArts’ upcoming Star Wars title appears to be coming to current-gen platforms later this year.

Screenshots of Star Wars 1313 have been uploaded to the German PlayStation Facebook account, and accompanying the images are the words: “Star Wars 1313 erscheint 2013 für PlayStation 3,” which means: “Star Wars 1313 releases in 2013 for Playstation 3.”

While there’s a chance that this could simply be an error, it doesn’t effectively confirm one way or the other whether or not the game will be coming to next-gen hardware as well. If the new PlayStation and Xbox launch this fall, perhaps we’ll see a scaled down PS3 and Xbox 360 version along with beefed up versions that take advantage of Sony and Microsoft’s new systems.

Either way, this game simply can’t come soon enough, as what we’ve seen thus far is downright astounding. Are you looking forward to Star Wars 1313? Would you be more inclined to pick it up if a PS3 version is in fact made available? Let us know in the comments below.