New Terraria Video Shows off the Added Features, PSN Release Scheduled for Late February

It’s been a few months since we received word that Terraria would be coming to the PlayStation Network on PS3 at some point 2013, but we can now tell you that it is planned for a February release, complete with quite a few features added to the console release.

For starters, you can expect a new tutorial, new controls, new armor, new ultimate weapons, new enemies, new pets, new music, and a new final boss. On top of that, there will be 4 player split-screen (HD only), 8 player online multiplayer, and a World Map to look at.

Also, after reading through the Tweets about Terraria, we discovered that it will be out in late February, cost you $14.99, there will be a trial available at launch, and if you already own Terraria, you still have to pay full price.

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