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PS5 Faceplate Manufacturer Shows Off New Colors and Video, Explains How They Get Around Lawsuits From Sony

The PS5 faceplate manufacturer formerly known as PlateStation 5—now CMP Shells—has unveiled a new line of colors for its faceplates, as well as a video showing how its unofficial custom plates fit onto the PS5. The shell manufacturer is now taking preorders for Blue, Red, and Black PS5 faceplates, alongside bundles that include DualSense Controller shells in various colors and vinyl strips to change the glossy black inner part of the PS5.

Here’s how the custom PS5 faceplates from CMP fit onto the PS5:


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PS5 customization has been a hot topic for players who want to change the look of their new console. Starting out as PlateStation 5, the company was forced to rebrand to Customize My Plates to avoid lawsuits from Sony, but it apparently wasn’t enough. After losing the Customize My Plates branding, they’ve returned once more as CMP Shells, complete with legal safeguards to ensure Sony can’t come after them for any kind of infringement.

In the product listings, CMP addresses the potential of a lawsuit from Sony, safeguarded by patents that are currently pending. “The patent is pending and all sales finalized before it’s approved are untouchable. We didn’t know before. Now we do,” CMP says on its site. “Further we have not replicated anyone’s proprietary design. Our shells improve upon the original by allowing for more ventilation. We will be able to sell even after the patent is approved.”

Whether or not the shell designs actually “improve” on the previous design by way of more ventilation is debatable, but many would argue that the color change alone is improvement enough.

Here’s everything currently available to order on CMP Shells:

  • The CMP Shell (Black) – $49.99
  • CMP Blackout – $69.99
    • Black PS5 Faceplates
    • Matte Black Vinyl Center Strip
    • Black Vinyl Controller Kit
  • CMP Red – $49.99
  • CMP Torch – $69.99
    • Ruby Red PS5 Faceplates
    • Red Vinyl Center Strip
    • Red Vinyl Controller Kit
  • CMP Blue – $49.99
  • CMP Riptide – $69.99
    • Blue PS5 Faceplates
    • Blue Vinyl Center Strip
    • Blue Vinyl Controller Kit
  • White Center Strip – $15
  • Matte Black Center Strip – $15

If you’re looking forward to preordering though, do it quickly. There are only 1000 of each color total within this first batch, so preorders are expected to go quickly. They are expected to arrive by the end of February, and its unknown if or when CMP Shells will manufacturer either new colors or new batches of the existing colors. An FAQ on the site indicates they want to keep their shells “super exclusive,” so for right now, 1000 of each is all that’s being made.

Though it’s pursued legal complaints against third-party manufacturers who make custom PS5 faceplates and shells, Sony has yet to talk about the possibility of first-party PS5 customization options. The company’s focus is currently on getting new PS5 stock into stores, which could continue to see shortages through the middle of the year.

Meanwhile if you want more than just a vinyl controller skin to go with your new custom PS5 faceplate, you can get a fully custom colored DualSense controller through ColorWare.

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