PS5 Faceplate Manufacturer Returns After Filing Patent, Claims It’s ‘Untouchable’ Now

CMP Shells, formerly known as PlateStation 5 and Customize My Plates before Sony forced it to shut down with a legal threat, is back in business.

The PlayStation 5 faceplate manufacturer claims that it has done its homework this time, and Sony won’t be able to halt the sales of its products. Additionally, CMP Shells has filed a patent for its designs and has argued that it’s not stealing anyone’s propriety design, rather improving upon an existing design.

“The patent is pending and all sales finalized before it’s approved are untouchable,” the company wrote on its website. “We didn’t know before. Now we do. Further we have not replicated anyone’s proprietary design. Our shells improve upon the original by allowing for more ventilation. We will be able to sell even after the patent is approved.”

CMP Shells currently has two products available: the $49.99 package contains two matte black shells and a Ragnarok decal, and the $69.99 package contains two matte black shells, one black vinyl middle piece, and one vinyl controller set.

For now, CMP Shells is only producing 1,000 faceplates, and it looks like they are all sold out already. The company noted that it sold twice this amount within 24 hours the last time it opened preorders. Those who have successfully ordered the new plates will receive them by the end of February.

As CMP Shells puts it, “Your PS5 isn’t a router anymore. It’s a dark portal to another world.”

It remains to be seen what action, if any, Sony will take this time.

[Source: CMP Shells via VGC]