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Custom PS5 Faceplates Already Up For Sale From PlateStation5; Get Blue, Matte Black, Chrome and Red (Update)

Update: The company name has now changed to Customize My Plates to avoid any confusion with the PlayStation brand. you can find their new site at At the request of Customize My Plates, we’ve removed and replaced the original image renders showing the custom PS5 faceplates on a PS5. The newly provided images show just the product.

Read more about this updated name change.

Original: Someone must have gotten their hands on the PS5 outer shell mold and dimensions, because one third-party seller is already selling custom PS5 faceplate designs to be delivered to you by PlayStation 5 launch day on November 12th. is offering five custom colors for the PS5 outer shell:

  • Limited Edition V1 Matte Black
  • Chromatic
  • Cherry Red
  • Jungle Camo
  • Indigo Blue

The site says it was started from the community’s desire for a matte black PS5 shell, but as they started setting everything up, they were encouraged to offer additional customization and color options. Each set of custom PS5 faceplates (comes with the full back and front shells, or top/bottom, depending on how you orient the console) runs $39.99. You can select either the PS5 Digital Edition or PS5 Standard (disc-based) to make sure the custom PS5 shell fits whichever model you have. Check out each of the colors below:

Limited Edition V1 Matte Black Custom PS5 Faceplate

customize my plates custom ps5 plates shells matte black

Chromatic Custom PS5 Faceplate

customize my plates custom ps5 plates shells chromatic

Cherry Red Custom PS5 Faceplate

customize my plates custom ps5 plates shells cherry red

Jungle Camo Custom PS5 Faceplate

Image Not Available

Indigo Blue Custom PS5 Faceplate

customize my plates custom ps5 plates shells indigo blue

The site makes sure to call out that these are unofficial products in no way associated with Sony, PlayStation, or the PlayStation 5 brand. All of the images for now appear to be 3D renders of the designs with no actual product photos showing off the color, finish, or fit of these custom PS5 shells. Until the PS5 itself releases in November, there’s no way to know if these will fit seamlessly or not, but they do offer a generous 10-day return policy if you are unsatisfied with the product. The company has said on Twitter that it is working with its manufacturers to make sure the custom PS5 faceplates fit both the digital and disc-based designs of the console.

Rumors that the outer shell of the PS5 would be swappable started going around when a factory picture leaked of the shell removed from the rest of the console. This was more or less confirmed during the PS5 teardown video, though Sony has yet to say anything conclusive about official custom or special edition designs. However, if you want a matte black, blue, red, or even (god forbid) camo PlayStation 5 on day one, they aim to deliver with these unofficial custom PS5 plate designs.

Will you be picking up one of these custom PS5 faceplates, keeping the standard white, or waiting for Sony to drop more news about official game collaborations for custom PS5 shells? Let us know in the comments.