Dead Space 3 Pre-Orders “Outpacing” Dead Space 2, Crysis 3 Pre-Orders Are 40% Ahead of Crysis 2

EA released their quarter three Fiscal Year 2013 sales results today and, after sifting through a bunch of boring numbers, we can tell you that Dead Space 3 pre-orders are “outpacing” those of Dead Space 2, with Crysis 3 pre-orders 40% ahead of Crysis 2.

Those weren’t the only interesting pieces of news coming from their report though, as COO Peter Moore said that, “EA had six of the top twenty titles in Western markets in 2012, compared to four in 2011,” and, “EA was also the #1 publisher on iOS worldwide for the year.”

As for actual sales numbers, here’s all of the highlights, presented in bullet point form:

  • FIFA 13 sold through over 12 million units through the third quarter, a 23% increase versus FIFA 12 in the prior year.
  • FIFA 13 digital net revenue topped $100 million in the quarter, a 98% increase versus FIFA 12 in the prior year.
  • Total FIFA digital net revenue generated over $230 million in the first three quarters of fiscal 13, including EA SPORTS FIFA Online 2 and FIFA World Class Soccer that together contributed over $60 million.
  • Battlefield 3 Premium generated over $108 million in sales through the third quarter, and has 2.9 million subscriptions to date.
  • The Simpsons: Tapped Out was a top grossing iOS game for the quarter, generating over $23 million in digital net revenue.
  • EA’s games and services for mobile, including handhelds, have generated approximately $100 million* in the quarter, an 18% year-over-year increase in digital net revenue.
  • EA’s Origin platform for downloading digital games and services has registered over 39 million users, including 17 million mobile users.
  • EA has signed agreements with 86 independent developers for Origin.
  • Trailing twelve-month operating cash flow was $378 million, a $135 million improvement versus the prior year.

What do you think of EA’s sales numbers? What was your favorite EA game of 2012? Let us know in the comments below.

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