Dead Space 3 Will Hit the PSN at 12:01AM PST on February 5th, Demo Downloaded Almost 2 Million Times

You’ve been able to pre-order Dead Space 3 on the PlayStation Network for some time now, but come 12:01am PST on Tuesday morning, the full version of the game will become downloadable, allowing you to play through the new adventure.

As you wait those few more hours, you can play through the demo, which EA reveals has been downloaded almost 2 million times across PS3 and the Xbox 360, a double digit increase over that of Dead Space 2’s demo. Dead Space 3 is also getting more pre-orders than the last game in the series, with EA saying the new sequel “is in position to become the first big blockbuster of 2013 when it launches this Tuesday.”

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If you want even more Chandler Wood in your life, his full Dead Space 3 will be out tomorrow as well.

Are you going to be downloading Dead Space 3 tonight after the clock strikes midnight? Let us know in the comments below.