Post-PlayStation Meeting Vid Talks Share Button, DualShock 4 Lightbar, 15 Million Views

The PS Blog has released a brief recap video of the Sony PS4 Conference in which SCE Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida and SCE Worldwide Studios Senior Vice President Scott Rohde offer some interesting tidbits of information on the PS4 amidst all the hype.

During the video, Rohde remarks that with a press of the share button a player will be able to share the last 5 minutes of gameplay from their session. Earlier rumors had put the video length for the share button around 15 minutes. Rohde also mentions how the lightbar at the top of the new DualShock 4 will change depending on conditions in-game, citing the use of a different weapon as an example. Additionally, the article states that the conference had a total viewing audience of 15 million unique viewers worldwide, with PSLS previously revealing that Ustream contributed to around half of that through their live stream. We’ve posted the video below for your viewing pleasure:

As further information continues to slowly trickle out about the console in the coming months, we’ll be sure to keep you informed. In the meantime, you can check out all of our PS4 related stories here.