The Last of Us Dev Diary Shows off the Infected, God of War: Ascension Unchained Video Features Succubus Enemy ‘The Empusa’

Leading up to the release of The Last of Us on June 14th, Naughty Dog and Sony will be releasing developer diaries about various aspects of the game. Episode 1, titled Hush, details everything you need to know about the Infected, from their inception, to the sounds they make as you travel through the world:

Future videos in the series are slated to feature the design, technology, and ideas that helped bring The Last of Us to life. If you don’t want to watch the clips though, extended versions of each are going to make their way onto the game disc in June.

Speaking of videos on disc, the latest in the God of War: Ascension Unchained saga has been unleashed, detailing The Empusa. It involves a lot of boobage, so if you’re at work, take your hands out of your pockets:

What did you think of the first The Last of Us dev diary? Did they choose the right succubus design? Let us know in the comments below.


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