Here’s Our First Look at Star Wars Battlefront Fighter Squadron Gameplay

Following the “Blast” (a.k.a Team Deathmatch) game mode reveal for Star Wars Battlefront last week, DICE is set to unveil a new game mode (that’s more interesting than TDM) very soon. 

Called “Fighter Squadron,” one can assume that the mode will heavily rely on TIE Fighters and other flying vehicles. If you can’t wait for the full and official reveal on August 5, you can watch the sneak peek at the video above which shows a few seconds of Star Wars Battlefront Fighter Squadron gameplay complete with shooting and flying formations.

While space battles won’t be in this version of Battlefront, at least initially, fly boys and gals can take comfort that there’s at least a mode in Battlefront that’s specifically suited to their dreams of flying a Star Wars vehicle and obliterating enemies above.

Be sure to keep your radars locked in here at PlayStation LifeStyle for the official gameplay reveal, as well as for the latest Star Wars Battlefront news. Don’t forget to check out our hands-on preview to see how the game’s shaping up so far.

[Source: EA (Twitter)]