Daily Reaction: The 40 Hottest Men in Games

March 22, 2013Written by Sebastian Moss

24: Shawn McGrath

Epic beard and loves bright lights.

23: Andrew House

In the middle of the street.

22: Gabe Newell

This guy knows how to get things done under his own steam, able to dominate any industry. Very cuddly, like a big panda in a hat.

21: Seth Killian

Has a killer name, can do a lot with his fingers and really knows how to unleash a super move.

20: Shigeru Miyamoto

Legend tells it that Miyamoto carries a tape measure with him at all times, so imagine what fun you could have with that. He has a Shetland Sheepdog named Pikku, which is really cute. Likes to do plumbing – what a manly man!

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