Guacamelee! Includes Cross Saves, Trophy List is Combined, Local Co-op Only on PlayStation 3, More

Guacamelee! was the latest recipient of a release date this morning, getting two trailers in the process, as well as news that it would cost $14.99 and include Cross Buy.

Graham Smith, COO of Drinkbox Studios, has revealed some more news about Guacamelee!, confirming that it also supports Cross Saves, which allows you to transfer your save data between the PS3 and PS Vita versions of the game.

As for the co-op in Guacamelee! that sees main character, Juan, teaming up with Tostata throughout the entire single player, it will only be available locally on the PS3. Graham did say that “if it sells well enough anything can happen,” when talking about adding online co-op later, but he also continued with “including me coming over to your house to make you dinner. (we’d need to sell a LOT of copies for that).”

If you have a PlayStation Vita though and would like to use it on your PS3, the handheld does act as a controller in either solo or co-op play, coming complete with a mini-map on the screen at all times.

Then, when you finally beat Guacamelee! on the the first difficulty mode, a “hard-mode” is unlocked, with Graham going on to say that “additionally there might be some other non-story areas in the game available,” but he didn’t go into any further detail.

One thing he did talk about was the axing of the “world of nightmares,” saying that it “was going to be our 3rd dimension, but in the end it was resulting in too much work for our only artist to handle. For the sake of the release date we had to cut it.” There’s no word on a possible post-launch DLC release for this content, but we’ll let you know if anything arises.

Finally, Graham said that “it is a combined trophy list, because, after all, who doesn’t love cohesion.”

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