Resident Evil: Revelations Demonstrates Impressive Graphical Leap from 3DS

When Resident Evil: Revelations was announced to be coming to other platforms, gamers wondered how it would substantiate itself from its low-fidelity heritage. It was built exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS, a handheld with 128mb of RAM and a native resolution of 800 x 240. You’d think it’d turn out to be a big, blocky mess.

The final build images of its venture to current-gen consoles and PC hardware have been released, and they’re far beyond what many would expect. The recommended PC specs are actually quite high with an Nvidia GeForce GTX 560 chosen as the staple card to max out the game. For the PlayStation 3 it’s a title that blends in with most of its library, and looks much like the higher-quality HD Collections.

Below are the screenshots so you can see for yourself:

Resident Evil: Revelations will release on May 21st.