Capcom: Mega Man Powered Up “Fails” SCEA “Testing Every Time,” Capcom Fighting Evolution “Approved by Sony FQA”

In our searching for more insight into the Dragon’s Dogma patch issue (we couldn’t find anything, unfortunately), we came across some semi-interesting news on the Capcom forums about the reasoning behind the lack of Mega Man Powered Up and other games on the PlayStation Network.

Replying to a thread asking why the game wasn’t available on the PSN, Christian Svensson, Corporate Officer and Senior Vice-President at Capcom, said that “all I can tell you is, talk to SCEA. It fails their testing every time. We want it there too.” Though this is just a user post and unconfirmed, a person by the name of Protodude did say that Mega Man Powered Up “does not want to behave with whatever code Sony has in place to distribute PSP games. It may run digitally unofficially, but it’s a miss-match from whatever they’re running.” If true, it could explain why it fails testing every time.

Switching to other games that haven’t appeared on the PSN, Christian talked about Capcom Fighting Jam (aka Capcom Fighting Evolution) by saying that it “is approved by Sony FQA (Format Quality Assurance) but I’m not sure of status or launch timeframe.” As for Capcom vs. SNK 2, which was previously expected in April, here’s his full explanation of why we haven’t seen it:

CVS2 still supposed to happen. Code is all approved by Sony FQA. It’s now awaiting legal clearance from Capcom Japan to finalize the deal with SNK. Now before you ask “hey it’s out in Japan, that deal must be done already”… evidently, that deal didn’t include territories outside Japan originally so they have to go back and get them added before it can be released.

To wrap things up, the PSN release of Street Fighter x Tekken “is still happening,” there just isn’t an ETA at the moment because they’ve “been keeping [Qloc] busy with other projects, so I’m sure it’s been sitting on the back burner until they’ve got some resources.” As for the lack of a PSN version of Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 on PS3, that can be attributed to the fact that “there isn’t a lot of time left in the term of the current agreement.”

Would you buy Capcom Fighting Evolution or Mega Man Powered Up if they came to the PSN? Let us know in the comments below.

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