Capcom Leak Reveals Dragon’s Dogma 2, Street Fighter 6, Final Fight Remake, and More

Capcom, alongside Ubisoft, recently became victim of a massive data breach that ended up compromising the publisher’s sales and financial information, employees’ personal data, and its ongoing development projects and their release schedules. As the internet combs through the information, a number of titles have been highlighted that have since been independently verified to confirm their existence.

According to the leak (via IGN), here’s what Capcom has in store:

  • Resident Evil Outbreak – Q4 FY21
  • Dragon’s Dogma 2 – Q2 FY22
  • Street Fighter 6 – Q3 FY22
  • Rockman [Mega Man in North America] Match – Q3 FY22
  • Resident Evil 4 Remake – Q4 FY22
  • Monster Hunter 6 – Q2 FY23
  • Biohazard Apocalypse – Q3 FY23
  • “SSF6” – Q4 FY23
  • Final Fight Remake – Q2 FY24
  • Power Stone Remake – Q3 FY24
  • Ultra SF6 – Q4 FY24
  • Resident Evil Hank [likely, “Hunk”] – Q4 FY24

According to IGN’s sources, part of this list – including Dragon’s Dogma 2 and Street Fighter 6 – is accurate. However, it’s possible that this list is out of date.

On November 16th, Capcom acknowledged that it suffered a data breach and said that it launched an investigation into the attack. However, sources close to the company have reached out to IGN to reveal that former employees whose details were compromised in the attack are frustrated with Capcom’s handling of the issue.

“It’s a one-way street, people are asking for info but nothing is coming back,” a source told IGN. Victims are understandably concerned considering it wasn’t just HR information that was leaked. Capcom previously confirmed that signatures and passport details were also compromised in the attack.

We’ll update our readers when we have more information.

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