Crystal Dynamics Title to be Announced Soon, Level Artist “Creating Wildly Cool Environments”

Just after E3 2012, information about a new IP from Crystal Dynamics surfaced. Based off of job listings, the game is set to be “a cutting edge, original IP for future platforms” and an Animation Engineer position highlighted that it will be “third-person action adventure AAA titles.”

Pre-dating that job listing news was a rumor that suggested Crystal Dynamics was working on a reboot of Soul Reaver, the second game in the Legacy of Kain franchise. This claimed that it was “a full reworking of the vampire action classic, and includes a new art direction” and was planned for an E3 2012 reveal, but ultimately missed it.

Now, Superannuation has discovered the LinkedIn page of the Principal Level Artist at Crystal Dynamics, which states that he’s “creating wildly cool environments for a soon to be announced title for Crystal Dynamics.”

Looking at his experience, he goes on to say that, from January 2012 until now, he’s been “working closely with all disciplines to create unique, efficient and malleable levels. more on that to come…”


Provided Matt’s LinkedIn proves true, we should be hearing more about whatever Crystal Dynamics is working on soon, with either the Xbox reveal on May 21st or E3 2013 in June being the likeliest candidates.

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