Crystal Dynamics Layoffs: Tomb Raider Developer Issues Statement

Crystal Dynamics Layoffs: Tomb Raider Developer Issues Statement

More layoffs have happened in the video game industry, with the Embracer-owned developer Crystal Dynamics reportedly laying off a number of employees on Wednesday.

Several former employees confirm layoffs have occurred

The news came via several Crystal Dynamics employees, who confirmed the layoff was happening across social media. While it’s unclear just how many people have been laid off, it seems as if the marketing and branding side of the company have been hit the hardest, with a handful of employees taking to Twitter to confirm that they had been let go.

“Sadly the Embracer layoffs keep coming and I and a number of talented brand/marketing folks at Crystal are impacted,” said Nick Edwards, the former senior brand manager for Crystal Dynamics. His tweet also hinted that other affected parts of the company included project management, PR, editing, and 2D art divisions.

On LinkedIn, other members of the team confirmed the layoffs, with former communications director Adam Kahn confirming he had been part of the layoffs.

In a tweet sent out confirming the news, Crystal Dynamics said that it had laid off nine brand and marketing employees, as well as one IT employee. The company cited an “internal restructuring” as the reason why.

The news comes as a bit of a surprise, as earlier this year, Crystal Dynamics noted that it wouldn’t be impacted by the large amount of layoffs that other Embracer-owned companies were going through at the time. The company is currently working on the Tomb Raider Remastered trilogy, which it announced this year, and is set to release on February 14, 2024.