Batman: Arkham Origins Gets a 5 Minute Trailer, Roger Craig Smith Voicing Batman

We were given a very short tease back on Thursday, and the full, nearly 5 minute, trailer for Batman: Arkham Origins is now available for your viewing pleasure:

While a video did pop up of Kevin Conroy (Batman in the Arkham games) over the weekend where he said that he’d be playing Batman, Warner Bros. detailed that Roger Craig Smith (Ezio Auditore in the Assassin’s Creed series) is voicing Batman, with Troy Baker (Booker DeWitt in BioShock Infinite) as The Joker. If Kevin is telling the truth about being in Arkham Origins, maybe the story has older Batman talking about his early days?

As we wait for an answer to that question, here’s a few screenshots for Arkham Origins, along with the box art:

Batman: Arkham Origins releases worldwide on October 25th, with the PlayStation Vita getting Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate on the same day.

How do you think Kevin Conroy will factor into Origins? Let us know in the comments below.