Is Roger Craig Smith Teasing a New Batman: Arkham Game?

Voice actor Roger Craig Smith, known for his performance as Batman/Bruce Wayne in Batman: Arkham Origins, as well as roles in myriad other titles, is teasing something on his Twitter account. “Super bummed to not be working on anything that I can’t tweet about right now because I can’t violate an NDA for something that I assure you does not exist. And isn’t a video game.” With that, of course we’re now all assuming that there is in fact a project that Smith is working on that does in fact exist, and is probably most likely a video game.

In addition, Arkham Origins‘ writer Ryan Galletta and Warner Bros. publicist Gary Miereanu both chimed in with clever replies, providing further evidence that something is coming. You can check out their comments via Twitter below:

Although a specific game wasn’t mentioned, and Smith jokingly said he wasn’t working on anything video game related, Miereanu notes that they’ll “let the cat out of the bag reasonably soon.”

Could this mystery project be something Batman: Arkham related? Is this the previously rumored Court of Owls game? We haven’t seen an entry in the Arkham series since 2015’s Batman: Arkham Knight, so now could be the time to revitalize the series. Many had assumed veteran Arkham developer Rocksteady was working on a new game in the series, but the studio has confirmed that to not be the case.

That doesn’t mean developer WB Games Montreal can’t be given the torch. After all, the studio did a great job with Arkham Origins, capturing the essence of the beloved Rocksteady games. At this point, it’s unclear what each studio is working on. WB has been staying pretty quiet on its overall catalog for the time being. Whatever is going on at each studio, development seems to be coming along nicely if voice actors are being allowed to tease the eventual reveal of their projects.

So what are you hoping for from the project teased by Roger Craig Smith? Something Arkham related? Or something new entirely? Let us know!

[Source: Twitter via Games Radar]