Metro: Last Light Trophy Guide

Metro: Last Light is the sequel to Metro 2033 and comes with a total of 51 trophies: 1 platinum, 2 gold, 10 silver, 38 bronze. Last Light offers a blend of stealth and action gameplay, you will need to play both styles to earn all of the trophies. It will take at least two playthroughs with some chapter select included to pick up some of the miscellaneous trophies.

Spoiler Alert: There are story and gameplay related spoilers within this guide. If you would like to avoid those, play through the game before reading any further.

Platinum Trophy – Platinum – Get all trophies

Follow this guide!

Soldier – Bronze

– Kill 100 Human Enemies.

This trophy will come naturally over time by just playing the game.

Antibiotic – Bronze

– Kill 100 Mutants.

This trophy will come naturally over time by just playing the game.

Shadow – Bronze

– Stealthily kill 15 Enemies.

To stealth kill an enemy, you must be crouched and sneak up on an enemy undetected and press R3. The description is a little misleading for this trophy. You have to stealth kill 15 enemies in a row. It also does not count if you kill an enemy who is investigating a body or if they think they see you. The best place to earn this is on the level Revolution.

Inferno – Bronze

– Set 2 Enemies on fire at once.

The easiest way to get this trophy is to throw an incendiary grenade at a group of enemies. When sneaking through the tunnels you will frequently come across a group of human enemies standing still talking. Toss an incendiary grenade at them and the trophy is yours!

Tesla – Bronze

– Break 50 lights.

You will come across numerous light bulbs throughout the game, so simply shoot out 50 of them to earn this trophy!

Edison – Bronze

– Turn off 40 lights without breaking them.

When sneaking around in Metro, darkness will greatly help you to stay undetected. You will come across lighted areas and have the opportunity to turn off light bulbs to help you stay hidden. Simply get near a light bulb and press Square to turn them off. Do this to 40 lights and the trophy is yours.

Ever Vigilant – Bronze

– Disarm 10 traps.

The traps in Metro are trip wires. Just pay attention and be on the lookout for them. When you find one, walk up to it and press Square to disarm it. It’s also important to note that you cannot find one trap, disarm it and reload the checkpoint. All 10 must be disarmed in a single playthrough.

Businessman – Bronze

– Make 100 purchases.

There is a very quick method available for getting this trophy. Go to a merchant, buy one knife and then sell it. All you have to do is repeat that. You can quickly press X (buy) and then Square (sell) repeatedly until the trophy pops. This will take only a minute or two.

Walking Bank – Bronze

– Collect 1,000 Military Rounds.

Military Rounds are currency in Metro. You will find rounds hidden and placed all throughout the game. You must have all 1,000 at one time. Nothing is really required for this one but to save up and search everywhere for money. Also, make sure to play the rat shooting game in Venice. You earn money upon completing each round.

Musician – Bronze

– Use all musical instruments in the game.

To use a musical instrument, walk up to it and press Square. There are 17 instruments and they must all be played in one playthrough, chapter select won’t work. The instruments are listed below along with what chapter they are found in.

  • Guitar – Sparta
  • Balalaika – Sparta
  • Accordion – Facility
  • Balalaika – Bolshoi
  • Guitar – Bolshoi
  • Balalaika – Bolshoi
  • Balalaika – Bolshoi
  • Balalaika – Revolution
  • Piano – Revolution
  • Accordion – Revolution
  • Accordion – Regina
  • Balalaika – Undercity
  • Guitar – Contagion
  • Guitar – Contagion
  • Guitar – Contagion
  • Guitar – Quarantine
  • Piano – The Dead City

First Draft – Bronze

– Write 10 of Artyom’s hidden diary pages.

See the trophy Published down below for details on how to  earn the 2 diary related trophies.

Published – Silver

– Complete all 43 Artyom’s hidden diary pages.

You can check what pages you have found by pressing Start and scrolling down to the “DIARY” option in the menu. The pages are listed below by how many are in each chapter. These really are not that hard to find, just be on the lookout for them as you play. You will get most of them without even really searching for them. If you do miss one, they can be obtained via chapter select.

  • Sparta – 1 Note
  • Ashes – 1 Note
  • Pavel – 1 Note
  • Reich – 1 Note
  • Separation – 2 Notes
  • Facility –  1 Note
  • Torchlight – 2 Notes
  • Echoes – 2 Notes
  • Bolshoi – 2 Notes
  • Revolution – 4 Notes
  • Regina – 1 Note
  • Bandits – 2 Notes
  • Dark Water – 1 Note
  • Venice – 2 Notes
  • Sundown – 1 Note
  • Nightfall – 1 Note
  • Contagion – 1 Note
  • Quarantine – 2 Notes
  • Khan – 1 Note
  • The Chase – 1 Note
  • The Crossing – 2 Notes
  • Bridge – 1 Note
  • Depot – 1 Note
  • The Dead City – 2 Notes
  • Red Square – 2 Notes
  • The Garden – 2 Notes
  • Polis – 1 Note
  • D6 – 2 Notes

Rabbit – Bronze

– Complete training sequence.

This trophy is unmissable and will unlock at the beginning of the game after the target practice sequence.

Not A Rabbit – Bronze

– Finish the ASHES level without taking a hit.

The only actual problem you will have with this is when the Watchmen are attacking. Keep moving and don’t let them get too close. Your sniper partner in this level will take out most of them, so try to keep your distance giving her more opportunities to kill them. If you are really having trouble, you can come back via chapter select on easy. If you take damage during the fight press Start and reload the checkpoint to try again.

Freedom! – Bronze

– Free the prisoners.

After you escape capture and make your way through the prison cells, you will come to a door that will require you to pull a lever at the same time as your partner. Before you do that, go over to the control panel where the two guards were standing and there will be the lever to pull to release all of the prisoners. The lever will be on the left side of the console in front of the window that overlooks all of the prison cells.

Clean Escape – Bronze

– Escape the chasing Nazis on the REICH level without being caught once.

Pavel will fire his gun in the air and a chase scene will begin. Just stay close to Pavel and outrun the guards chasing you. The chase isn’t very long.

Invisible Intruder – Bronze

– Complete the SEPARATION level without killing or raising an alarm.

See the trophy Invisible Soldier for details on completing the level stealthily.

A Present – Bronze

– Take the Custom Pistol from the locked box.

Near the beginning of the Facility level, you will encounter two guards having a conversation about one of them having a secret “stash”.  Crouch behind the boxes in the corner and listen to the whole conversation. After they are done talking, one of the guards will mess with a speaker box on the wall and then go down the hallway to a locker. Follow the guard, and when he opens his locker either knock him out or kill him. After you have disposed of him, pick up the weapon and the trophy will pop. The soldier will drop two weapons, the one he was carrying and the one from his locker. So, if the trophy does not unlock that means you grabbed the wrong one. Just drop it and pick up the other weapon near his body.

Invisible Savior – Silver

– Complete the FACILITY level without killing or raising an alarm.

See the trophy Invisible Soldier for details on completing the level stealthily.

Tortoise – Bronze

– Make 10 spiders flip belly up.

In order to make a spider flip belly up, you have to shine your flashlight on it. When you flash your light on them they will retreat so make sure to follow them while keeping your light on them. It only takes a few seconds until they flip upside down. When they flip, you must quickly shoot or stab them. If you aren’t quick enough the light will kill them.

Mouse – Bronze

– Complete the ECHOES level undetected by the Watchmen.

You will come across a point in this level that Pavel will stop you just before a flight of stairs. There are two things to watch out for here. First, Pavel will tell you check out a service room. When you go in and down the hallway into the room there will be a gun lying on the desk. Do not take it or turn the light on. If you do, a Watchman will jump out and attack you. Just grab the ammo and go back to Pavel. Second, there will be a large group of Watchers that run by, just stay still and do what Pavel says. Wait until all of the Watchers in the group have run by before proceeding.

Patron of the Arts – Bronze

– Watch the entire theatre show.

During the level Bolshoi, you will eventually walk in to a small theatre with big red curtains. Stop walking and watch the entire show until the trophy pops.

Within a Hair if Death – Bronze

– Escape from the Red Line.

Unmissable trophy that is story related.

Derailed – Bronze

– Kill all armed enemies on the REVOLUTION level, including all reinforcements.

Kill all of the enemies and make sure that the alarm goes off in each area so that the reinforcements will come. To set off the alarm you must be spotted and an enemy will set it off. In the first big open area you come to, there are two secret rooms with enemies. The first is off to the right in the back of the room. You will need to a pull a lever in a yellow box to open the big blast doors. The next is inside the first secret room. The only open door in there will lead you into a hallway that ends with another door. Open the door and there will be additional enemies.

Invisible Soldier – Silver

– Complete the REVOLUTION level without killing and raising an alarm.

All of the trophies related to beating levels stealthily and without kills can all be done with the same strategy. There is nothing too hard about these trophies, just follow the tips below!

  • Stay crouched
  • Stay in the shadows
  • Pay attention to the detection meter on your wrist
  • Turn off light bulbs by pressing Square near them
  • Turn off fuse boxes by pressing Square near them. (Fuse boxes are the boxes on the walls with a row of green lights on them)
  • Knock out enemies by sneaking up on them and pressing Square.

Scram – Bronze

– Kill all Watchmen before they reach the Railcar.

This trophy can be a little tricky. This is done in the level Regina after you restore electricity to the door blocking your path. Basically, you just have to kill all of the Watchmen before they jump onto your rail car. As soon as you start to push the train with your car, turn around, the Watchmen will be coming from behind you. Make sure to continue holding L3 forward to keep the rail car moving. They will come in waves of 3 or 4. Don’t hold down R1 or you’ll lose accuracy and waste ammo. Instead, when you are aiming at one just tap R1 a few times to shoot accurately. After each wave make sure to reload. For me, the best weapon to use was the AK. If you mess up you can use the reload checkpoint feature to start again.

Commando – Bronze

– Rescue the Women and Children on the BANDITS level without raising an alarm.

Just stick to the stealth hints listed under the trophy Invisible Soldier. When you get where the tunnel splits into left and right go right. When you get near it you will hear a woman screaming about letting the children go. The doorway will be marked by four torches (two on each side). Go into the door and clear out all the enemies stealthily. You will eventually come to a door that you will kick in and a guard will be in the room with the women and children. He will turn around and attack you, quickly take care of him and the trophy is yours.

Soup – Bronze

– Kill 5 Shrimp with Grenades.

The best place to get this trophy is the level Sundown. Shrimp are the creatures that come out of the water and onto the land. You first encounter them during the level Dark Waters. You will end up fighting more than five shrimp as you make your way through the swamp. Just throw grenades at them when they attack you.

Reunion – Bronze

– Find and return the crying child’s Teddy Bear.

When you get to Venice there will be a little boy crying to his mom that he lost his teddy bear. He will explain that he lost it around the shooting range. Go to the shooting range, talk to the guy running it and start the challenge. You will have to play 3 rounds of shooting a set number of rats in under a set time limit. After each round you must go talk to the owner to start the next round.

  • Round 1 – Kill 5 rats in 40 seconds
  • Round 2 – Kill 10 rats in 40 seconds
  • Round 3 – Kill 15 rats in 40 seconds

 After you complete all 3 rounds, the owner will give you a “special prize” which is the teddy bear. Grab it and run it over to the little boy to give it back.

Diver – Bronze

– Fall in the Swamp 10  times.

During the level Sundown, you will have to traverse through a swamp by staying on solid ground and trying not to fall in the water. You may get this without trying, but if you want to do it intentionally that will work just fine. After you fall in the swamp wait a few seconds before doing it again. If you fall into the water multiple times within seconds you will be killed while underwater. If you do die underwater the game will still keep track of how many times you’ve fallen in.

Equipped – Bronze

– Find all Equipment Stashes in the swamps.

This trophy will take place across the chapters Sundown and Nightfall. There will be gas cans with some of the equipment. I’m not sure if checking the gas cans count for this, but make sure to check them just to be safe. Also, there are tripwires guarding most of the equipment so make sure to disarm them!


  • As soon as the mission begins, turn around and look down. There is box behind you.
  • In a building straight ahead and slightly to the left off where you start. The building has stairs leading up it. The ammo will be on a small round table.
  • From that last location go down the stairs and turn left looking at the car that is on its side. There is ammo behind that car in the shed-like building.
  • As you exit the shed, look left and you will see a white truck. The next ammo is inside the back of the truck.
  • Backtrack just a little to the front of the compound where there is a dead soldier lying near a stick with a red flag on it. From that soldier head west (press Select to use the compass) toward the gas tanker. Once you get to the tanker follow the 3 red flags to the wall and turn right. Go straight until you see a little opening on the left that you have to crouch through. The ammo will be on a bed roll inside that room.
  • Backtrack to the tanker and look toward the gas station. There will be a truck parked in the gas station with equipment in the back.
  • Next, step out of the truck facing the tanker and turn left, and then another left to go into the gas station. Make a right to go inside the destroyed building and there will a box of equipment on the ground and some on the cashier desk.
  • Next, standing with the cashier desk to your right and the compass facing East, you should see a wooden board propped up on some debris. You can walk up that board and up the debris to get on top of the building where there will be equipment lying in a couple places. One in a hole in the roof and another on the dead body.
  • From the roof of the gas station you should see a crashed airplane. Head over to the airplane and there will be equipment inside up near the cockpit.
  • Go back out of the airplane and climb up onto the wing. Walk over to the opposite wing and jump down. As soon as you jump down you will see a box of equipment in front of you.
  • Now follow your compass to the ferry and there will a box of equipment right behind it and a dead body with just behind that.


  • As soon as the get off of the transport there is a box of gas mask filters.
  • Head straight for the destroyed two-story building. Go up onto the second floor and down the hallway into a living room area. There is a pair of night vision goggles in the back left of the room on a cabinet.
  • In that same building go back down the hallway toward the blown out side. To your right is another hallway that leads to a semi hidden room with equipment in it. There is just enough debris sticking out for you to walk on to get around the wall from one hallway to the other on the second floor.
  • Directly below that last room there is a long hallway that will lead you through some radiation to a box of equipment.
  • Next step out of the house and using the compass look North (same direction as the objective). You should see a destroyed highway overpass leaning at an angle. There is a gas mask air filter just under that destroyed overpass.
  • Stay running along the destroyed overpass (to your right) until you come across a destroyed car on a little hill with a skeleton lying next to it and grab the equipment.
  • Straight ahead from the car and skeleton you will see a truck. There is equipment in the back of the truck.
  • From the truck use the compass to look North. Run straight North to a destroyed building (resembling an old or store) following the path of glowing green areas that have the red flags. That will lead you into the store. When you enter the store turn right and go all the way to the back wall to find two skeletons with equipment lying in front of an ATM.
  • After that run up the escalator and turn left. Go straight into the bathroom with a gas mask painted next to the entrance to find a box of equipment next to two bedrolls.
  • Come out of the bathroom and run straight to the other side of the second floor. (Watch out for trip wires). Turn right passed the escalator and go straight until your next left. This room is full of equipment waiting to be picked up.
  • Come out of that last room and turn left. Go straight until the open door on the left. Take a right inside the room to find a skeleton holding a gas mask filter.
  • Exit the way you entered and straight across the room opposite of the bar there is a box of equipment next to the open window with a hanging rope.
  • Jump out of the window and enter the back of the truck to find the final box of equipment.

Big Momma – Silver

– Kill the Rhino.

This trophy is unmissable as it is story related.

Savior – Silver

– Remove your mask when Lesnitsky demands it.

During the level Contagion you come to a standoff with Lesnitsky. He will be holding Anna hostage and will make a deal with you that he will let her go if you take off your mask. As soon as he says do it, you will only have 5 seconds to do it.

Forgotten – Bronze

– Find the hidden ammo in the abandoned part of the station on the QUARANTINE level.

This will begin right after you hear a gunshot in the area of the large crowd. There are only 4 that you need to find and they are all in close proximity to each other. Just as that happens, you will pass through a door. Take a couple steps down the stairs as this will trigger the door you just entered through to close. The first hidden ammo you need to find is behind that door. The second one is very close to the first. It is just a few steps past the manhole at the bottom of the stairs behind a drawing of skull and crossbones. Next, go down the hallway (to the left of the last ammo you found) and as soon as you can turn left, turn and the third will be in a window right behind you. After that, continue down the path a few steps and you will see a fire burning and a red gas can to the right. The fourth and final ammo is in the broken window just above the red gas can.

Nobody’s home – Bronze

– Ignore the phone call in the Anomaly.

As you are making your way through the sewers with Khan, you will come to an area with a ringing phone. Khan will tell you it’s for you. Don’t answer it, just keep making your way through the level.

Bloodlust – Bronze

– Kill all the Reds on the CHASE level.

The first soldiers you need to kill will be the four soldiers in the two vehicles (two in each car) on your right. You must kill these guys before Khan takes out the car that is coming head on toward you. Right after that there will be two more vehicles carrying two soldiers each on your right that you have to kill. After that, you will pull up to a train with a soldier on the back that you need to deal with. Next, you will pull up to the side of the train that has four more soldiers. Finally, you will jump onto the train and it will be full of soldiers. This part is easy, it’s just one long straight corridor to the end. Make your way to the end of the train killing all of the soldiers on the way.

Van Helsing – Bronze

– Kill a Demon with the Helsing.

There is a merchant in the level Quarantine that is selling a Helsing or you can find one during the level The Dead City. If you buy it in Quarantine make sure to hold onto it until The Dead City. When you drop into the sewer after the flashback of the playground, go all the way to the end of the sewer to find the Helsing. Later in the level you will be on top of a building with a Demon flying around. Attack it with your other weapons first to weaken it and then finish it off with the Helsing. If you stand in the Demon’s nest it will fly straight at you giving you a better shot at hitting it.

Rain Main – Bronze

– Complete the BRIDGE level without a kill.

During the Bridge level you can’t kill any of the Watchmen or demons. Stay crouched and out of sight. When a watchman is sitting slouched over, that is when they are eating and you will be able to slip by them. If they are running around and not sitting still just stop and wait for them to split off or eat. If you get spotted it’s okay as you can just sprint your way to the end. The level is not that long, so if you do have to sprint your way through it’ll be easy.

Secret – Bronze

– Find out about the Reds’ plans.

This trophy is unmissable as it is story related.

Back to the Past – Bronze

– See all visions in the Dead City.

There are 7 total flashbacks and 4 of them are unmissable as they are related to the story. You have to go out of your way to get the other 3. Those are listed down below!

  • After the playground vision you will travel through a sewer. Just as you come out of the sewer turn right and go back a little to find an open door leading into an apartment building. Go up the stairs and find the room with a piano and flashback will trigger. Note: This must be done before you see the flashback of the car accident (story related), which happens just as you drop down from the sewer exit. So be careful not to go too far!
  • Immediately after the car accident vision turn left and you should see an entrance to another apartment building. Go inside and go up the stairs into the open door on the right. This vision will be of a woman in a shower.
  • The final one is when you are going down the stairs from the rooftop with the Demon. Go down the stairs a little bit and you’ll eventually come to an open door straight in front of you (it’s hard to miss). It will lead to an apartment with a vision of a kid playing in the living room.

 After you get these 3 the rest will come as part of the story and the trophy will unlock upon seeing the final flashback.

Revenge – Silver

– Kill Pavel.

After you win the fight you will be given a choice to either forgive him or kill  him. To kill him just stand still and do nothing when he is being held onto by all of the arms coming out of the wall.

Forest Guardian – Silver

– Save the bear from the Watchmen after the fight.

After the fight with the bear in the forest it will run down a path and lay down. As soon as you get to it Watchmen will jump on it. Aim for the Watchmen that are on its back and keep them off until the bear climbs up and away from you.

Revelation – Silver

– Make Moskvin tell the truth with help from the Dark One.

This trophy is unmissable as it is story related.

True Spartan – Silver

– Hold the Platform without dying.

This is the very last battle of the game. You will have to survive a few waves of enemies on foot and then a tank. When the tank appears, grab the sniper rifle that’s propped up against the wall by the ammo box to the left. Next wait for it to go from right to left. It’ll stay to the left for a couple seconds and then proceed to go back right. Once it starts going right aim at the red on the wheels of the tank with the sniper rifle. It’ll take 3 shots at the red areas on the tires to disable the tank. Once you have done that, use a semi-automatic weapon to aim at where the tanks’ cannon appears from. As the cannon is out, you will notice another red area behind it. Just shoot at it and the tank will explode when you hit the right area. The whole tank fight is only around 15 to 20 seconds if you hit everything quickly.

C’est la vie – Gold

– Destroy D6

This is 1 of 2 different endings in the game. See the trophy Redemption and do the opposite to earn this trophy.

Redemption – Gold

– Save D6

This is the other ending accomplished by making specific choices when playing through the game. Most of these things include listening to conversations and/or helping other people out. There is one constant that goes across all levels which is to not kill anyone. You can kill creatures if you are attacked, but later in the game when you are with the Dark One you cannot kill creatures unless he says it’s okay. Knocking enemies out IS okay. The correct choices are marked by a white flash around the screen and a noise to go with it. Some of these are also objectives for getting trophies as you will see. If you already have the trophy required for getting a flash but didn’t save D6, you will have to do that trophy again during your save D6 playthrough. There are some that happen automatically as part of the story so I won’t list those here. The things you need to do are listed below by chapter. I’m not sure if there are more than what I have listed, but these are the ones I encountered and got the trophy.


  • Play the guitar in your room.
  • Play the Balalaika


  • Release the prisoners when you get to the top of the prison. This is also required for the Freedom trophy.


  • Take the weapon from the soldiers locked locker. This is also the A Present trophy.
  • Do not kill the soldier who surrenders to you.


  • Right after you help Pavel move the manhole cover and in the room you jump down in, there are two bodies to the left. Use the lighter to burn through the cobwebs to get to them. 


  • When you come outside go to the dead body in the crashed airplane before going into the station and continuing with the level.


  • Upon entering Bolshoi a man will ask for a bullet. Give him one, listen to his speech and then give him another.
  • There will be two men having a conversation that you have to listen to. They just around the corner from the man you gave the ammo to.
  •  Watch the entire theatre show. This is also the Patron of the Arts trophy.

  • Instead of turning left into the bar to drink with Pavel, turn right and listen to the entire conversation of the two ladies in the showers.


  • While in the vent, listen to the entire conversation between Korbut and Moskvin.


  • The first two doors on the left side of the tunnel have a dead body in each that you have to find.
  • Go down the left side of the tunnel to find a train car, jump in and go to back to find a body.
  • While pushing the train with Regina there will be a door on the left. It will be full of ghosts, enter and explore it.
  • There will be another door that has the glowing green plants around it that has a body in it that you will need to find.


  • Listen to the entire conversation by woman and child in front of the ammo and gun store.
  • As you make your way down the tunnel there will be a doorway to the right with 2 soldiers attacking a woman (you’ll hear her scream). Quickly save her from them.
  • When the tunnel splits into left and right, go left to find a couple train cars full of bodies.
  • Save the woman and child from the bandits hideout. If done stealthily this is also the Commando trophy.


  • There are two beggars here that you will need to a bullet to.
  • Give the crying child his teddy bear back. This is also the Reunion trophy.


  • As you are crawling through the vents you come across two soldiers executing prisoners. One of the prisoners will still be alive and you have to hurry up and stop the two soldiers from executing him.
  • After you save the prisoner listen to his story.
  • Take off your mask when Lesnitsky tells you to. This is also the Savior trophy.


  • Find all of the hidden ammo. This is also the Forgotten trophy. 


  • Answer the ringing phone.


  • You will eventually come to an outside area and over to the left you will see some garages. There will be a garage door slightly open with a truck sticking out. Just around that building there is an open door that leads in there.
  • When the Dark One shows you red enemies coming into the big train yard area, you have to use the underground passage. The opening will be to the left of the room (from the starting point).
  • Knock out Lesnitsky.

 Red Square

  • Do not attack the Watchmen and Demon that the Dark One tells you are not a threat. 
  • When you are surrounded by snipers do not kill any of them. Take cover and wait for them to come out to you on the ground, when they do come out, knock em out.
  • Save Pavel.

 The Garden

  • After the first set of Red flags there is a a path that goes right and leads to a flooded store. Go to the back room.
  • Save the Bear from the Watchmen after the fight. This is also the Forest Guardian trophy.

No shooting allowed – Bronze

– Kill 10 enemies in a row with Throwing Knives.

To  throw a knife press R2. If you run out of knives or throw one and miss you can pick them back up out of bodies and the ground. This is easier done on human enemies that have not detected you.

Gunslinger – Bronze

– Kill at least one Enemy with each Weapon available in the game.

Listed down below are the all the weapons that you need to get at least one kill with. The weapons can be bought at the various vendors throughout the game or can be picked up by finding them and killing enemies. This trophy is also obtainable via chapter select. If you are doing this via chapter select, simply get a kill with whatever weapon you need and then you can quit the chapter. You do not need to finish the chapter in order for the kill to register.

  • Melee Knife – Given to you by Pavel. 
  • Throwing Knives – Can be bought at all vendors and found throughout the game via looting.
  • Grenade – Can be bought at all vendors and found throughout the game via looting.
  • Incendiary Grenade – Can be bought at all vendors and found throughout the game via looting.
  • Claymore Mine – Can be bought at vendors and found throughout the game via looting.
  • Bastard – Can be bought from the Vendor in Sparta.
  • Ashot – Can be bought from the vendor in Quarantine.
  • Lolife – Can be bought from the vendor in Bandits.
  • Duplet – Can be bought from the vendor in Bolshoi.
  • Kalash – Can be bought from the vendor in Sparta.
  • Kalash 2012 – Can be bought from the vendor in Undercity.
  • Valve – Can be bought from the vendor in Sparta.
  • VSV – Can be bought from the vendor in D6.
  • Preved – Can be bought from the vendor in Depot.
  • Tikhar – Can be bought from the vendor in Bolshoi.
  • Hand Held Minigun – Picked up after the tank battle before the final wave of enemies in D6.
  • Helsing – Can be bought from the vendor in Quarantine.
  • Shambler – Can be bought from the vendor in Bandits.
  • Saiga 12 – Can be bought from the vendor in Undercity.
  • Revolver – Can be bought from the vendor in Sparta.

Weapon Smith – Bronze

– Install all possible Customizations for a Weapon.

There is actually a way to get this trophy without buying any of the customization pieces. The merchant on the level D6 will have all the equipment available for you to equip. Select a weapon and equip everything that is available for it.

Shadow Ranger – Silver

– Complete the game without killing any Humans unless forced to.

The only time during the game when you are forced to kill humans is the very last part of the level D6. You can shoot the tank but be careful not to shoot any of the enemies on foot near the tank. The game will autosave every time you kill a human. If you are shooting at the tank and you see the autosave symbol pop up (lower left of the screen) and the tank hasn’t been destroyed, you may have killed someone. After the tank battle is when you can kill a human. The soldier with the flame thrower is the only human you can kill.

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