Tales of Symphonia HD Remaster For PS3, Being Released Internationally

It seems Tales games are crossing the ocean faster than ever, these days, as Namco Bandai’s most recently revealed Tales game already has international release plans. The company has revealed that Tales of Symphonia and Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World will be getting HD Remaster treatment on the PS3. The two RPGs will be bundled together and debut in Japan on October 10th, selling for about 6,980 yen ($70 US). North Americans and Europeans can look forward to the pack in the first portions of 2014, and the price has not been set.

In Japan, it’s being called the “Unisonant Pack,” but that name almost certainly won’t be the international title. The subtitles on Namco Bandai’s announcement video seem to indicate that it will be renamed Tales of Symphonia Chronicles (He doesn’t say “Chronicles” in his spoken words, but the subtitles use that name).

What’s not yet known is whether or not international customers will get the option of buying this $100 collector’s edition, which is currently on display by Japanese game vendor LaLaBit. It includes a greeting card, a custom PS3 theme, the five character figurines shown, a light novel, and a fancy box to keep it all in.


Tales of Symphonia was originally released for the Nintendo GameCube and Dawn of the New World arrived exclusively on the Wii. In Japan, the first Symphonia got a PS2 port, but that never made its way anywhere else.