Ask PSLS: Which PS Vita Game Do You Most Hope is Announced During E3 2013?

As promised, we’re back yet again with another Ask PSLS, focused entirely on the PlayStation Vita. In the same style as yesterday, we asked the PSLS staff: Which PS Vita Game Do You Most Hope is Announced During E3 2013?

Anthony Severino – Insane Predator (@Sev_Anthony)

I’m still on the new IP boat, and the PS Vita needs one that’s a system seller. However, if I had to pick one game of a franchise that’s already announced that I’d love to play on the Vita would be a new Final Fantasy Tactics game.

Cameron Teague – Go! Move! (@Cameron_PSLS)

I just want something to get excited about and I want it to come in bulk. Meaning, instead of just a single announcement or two, I want a good 5-10 games that I can get extremely excited about, stuff that really makes you proud to own a Vita and feel stupid for not owning one. This handheld is too damn good to be going the route of the PSP Go or PlayStation Move. I know the PS4 will be the main focus but the little handheld that could needs to be a huge focus as well.

Chandler Wood – Feeling (@FinchStrife)

For Vita, I just want to see big console level quality games announced for it because they are focusing too much on the smaller side-scrolling, arcadey, mobile feeling games. I want another game like Uncharted or Assassin’s Creed on the Vita. Something that really showcases the power and breadth of what the system is capable of. I also want to hear a lot more about Vita/PS4 integration and what will be possible with that pairing.

Dan Oravasaari – Favorite Wrestler is Edge (@FoolsJoker)

I would really like to see a Mirror’s Edge Vita – how cool would that be?!

Heath Hindman – Fantasy Shock (@RPGLand)

I’m most interested in new, fresh experiences like the one Gravity Rush gave me last year. But I also know that the fastest way to sell hardware, these days, is to tap into the big-name franchises. Even better would be if they were not ports, but original entries into the lineup. Nothing against enhanced ports like Persona 4 Golden and the upcoming FFX/X-2 HD Remaster, but we also need a strong lineup of games we have not played already. Vita got Call of Duty, but that was terribad; and the Vita Assassin’s Creed was overshadowed by the simultaneous release of its console counterpart. The system could really use new entries in big series like Final Fantasy, Yakuza, BioShock, GTA, and so on. If it can bring in even just one or two more big names, Vita hardware might start to move off the shelves.

Jason Dunning – Grounded (@Jasonad21)

At this point, I’m indifferent about the PlayStation Vita and have accepted that there won’t be a ton of AAA experiences I have to play this year, so I’m going to just hope that Rockstar takes the stage and announces a portable Grand Theft Auto. The game would do millions in sales and dramatically boost the install base of the system, helping Sony get more titles on the handheld in the long run.

Louis Edwards – Environmentalist (@ftwrthtx)

We need a new series just for the Vita. Not some knockoff or sequel or re-release of some console title, but a first edition brand new IP that not only is a great game, but can launch brand new characters and environments.

Sebastian Moss – I’m a Gamer, Let’s Game (@SebMoss)

A game, that’s all I want. Please.

Which PS Vita game do you most hope is announced at E3 2013? Let us know in the comments below.