Free Portal 2 Patch for In Motion DLC Adds a Move Co-op Campaign, Portal 2 on Sale

You may remember that Portal 2 on PS3 received a piece of DLC titled In Motion a little ways back. In what Sixense Studios calls a “thank you,” they’ve deployed a brand new patch for that content, giving you something by the name of Non-Emotional Manipulation.

With this, you’ll receive a a brand new co-op campaign, designed for the PlayStation Move, which you can play split-screen with a friend, online with someone else, or even with Portal 2 PC owners who have the MotionPack.

If you’ve yet to buy Portal 2, the game itself is now on sale for $15.99 to all PSN members and $9.59 for PlayStation Plus subscribers, with the In Motion DLC at $7.99 and $4.79 for PS+. No end date was given for the price cut, so don’t delay on buying it, and while you’re doing so, don’t forget to also download the Peer Review DLC that is free on the PS Store.

Are you going to buy Portal 2 now that it’s on sale? Are you excited for the free co-op campaign? Let us know in the comments below.