Online Servers for MLB 12: The Show on Vita and Buzz! PS3 Games Shutting Down in August/September

It’s nothing major that will impact your game playing too heavily, but Sony has announced that online servers for MLB 12: The Show on PlayStation Vita and a bunch of PlayStation 3 Buzz! games are shutting down in the next few months.

Check out the full schedule below of when the servers turn off:

  • Buzz!: Quiz TV (PS3) – August 2nd
  • Buzz!: Quiz World (PS3) – August 2nd
  • Buzz!: Brain of [Various] (PS3) – August 2nd
  • Buzz!: The Ultimate Music Quiz (PS3) – August 2nd
  • MLB 12: The Show (PS Vita) – September 15th

Of course, you can still play each of these games offline, and in case you’ve forgotten, the servers for White Knight Chronicles and White Knight Chronicles 2 go down on June 18th.

How upset are you that the servers for MLB 12: The Show on Vita are shutting off in a few months? Let us know in the comments below.


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