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Mark Cerny: PS4 Being Easy to Work With “Saved About a Year” of Development on Knack, Will Lead to “Much Richer Games”

Marble Madness creator Mark Cerny was revealed as the PlayStation 4’s lead architect back in February, simultaneously announcing that he was working on PS4 title Knack.

Speaking to GT, Cerny called the experience of developing both hardware and a game at the same time “surreal”, but said that the ease of development the PS4 allows for “saved about a year” of development overall, with it “just not being that hard” to put together the 5,000 part physics sim that is the core design of the character in Knack. For all titles, he sees the ease of development leading to “much richer games as a result”.

Not only is the PS4 easy to develop for, it is also the most powerful console of the next gen – but Microsoft’s cloud powered alternative may lead to a greater combined force, although that is highly debatable.

Stick to PSLS to find out about these “richer games” as they’re announced.