Latest Knack 2 Video Shows Off 20 Minutes of Co-Op

PlayStation Underground released a new video of Knack 2, giving us a whopping twenty minutes of gameplay footage to watch. The footage shows two players going through a level cooperatively, including a boss battle. Looking at this video, Knack II is sure to please fans of the original.

Here is the video:

Make sure to check out our E3 preview, as well:

Mark Cerny is a brilliant mind. He had his hands in the design and development of many of PlayStation’s most beloved games and was the lead architect on the PS4 and Vita. He was also the director on PS4 launch title Knack and returns to direct the second. When I learned that I would be sitting down with Cerny one-on-one for my presentation of Knack 2, I was ecstatic. Sure, I may have been critical of many aspects of Knack, but it’s because I saw so much potential in picking from the classic action platforming feeling of games like Jak and DaxterRatchet and ClankSpyro the Dragon, and Crash Bandicoot, all of which Cerny played a critical role in development.

Knack 2 is the opportunity address those criticisms and make the Knack I think people will love, possible. There’s an increased variety across the game in both combat and platforming, as well as more puzzles and some special gameplay moments like driving a tank. Cerny took me through examples of each of these and even offered some hints into the plot, which seems to pay off on a lot more of the breadcrumbs that are left about. In fact, Marianne Krawczyk, who wrote the entire God of War series, is the co-writer on Knack 2’s story. The delivery of the narrative through animation and voice acting remains high quality, making Knack 2 feel like yet another playable Pixar or Dreamworks Animation movie.

Knack 2 will release September 5 for the PlayStation 4.