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Mark Cerny’s Upcoming PS5 ‘Deep Dive’ Was Initially Meant for GDC 2020

Throughout January and February of this year, the internet was abuzz with guesswork about when Sony would finally unveil more PlayStation 5 details. Many had bets on a February reveal event in the vein of PS4’s announcement. Game Developers Conference (GDC) served as another top hypothesis. Apparently, those who guessed the latter were correct to a degree. Mark Cerny‘s upcoming “deep dive” into PS5’s architecture was initially planned for this year’s GDC.

PlayStation’s Japanese Twitter account confirmed as much in a recent tweet. In announcing Cerny’s imminent rundown of information, the account also made note that whatever video will feature in the deep dive contains footage from a “scheduled session at the Game Developers Conference.” According to the tweet, the video will only be available in English without subtitles.

This certainly explains the seemingly random Wednesday Sony chose for Cerny’s talk about the new console’s architecture. Had the physical event not been postponed due to ongoing coronavirus fears, it would currently be taking place in San Francisco.

Tomorrow, March 18th, Lead System Architect Mark Cerny will take to the PlayStation Blog to “provide a deep dive” into the architecture for Sony’s next console. The blog post is scheduled to go live in the morning at 9:00am PST. Apart from the logo reveal at CES 2020, this will mark the first time Sony has shared concrete details about PS5 this year.

Sony plans to release the PlayStation 5 later this year during the holiday season, though some research firms believe coronavirus may alter such plans.

[Source: PlayStation Japan on Twitter via Nibel on Twitter]