PS5 Logo

PS5 Logo Revealed, Nothing Else New Shown for Sony’s Upcoming Console at CES 2020

At CES 2020, Sony took some time at the start of its press conference to reveal the PS5…


That’s it. Aside from announcing some (rather impressive) stats for the PS4 and using some buzzwords to talk up what’s coming, the only “new” thing Sony’s Jim Ryan had to show at CES 2020 was the new logo for the PS5. Yes, it looks mighty familiar because it stays within the established branding, essentially just replacing the 4 with a 5. No, we didn’t get a look at the console itself. No, Sony didn’t talk additional details, and no, Sony didn’t even show off any next-gen games.

Ryan did make sure to reiterate the already-known features of the PS5, including ray tracing, the updated controller (still not officially called the DualShock 5), and the SSD that will reduce load times. However, these are all known elements of the upcoming console. People who were hoping for even a glimpse of something new or a small nugget of new information will just have to take the official PS5 logo as a consolation prize while we quietly await Sony’s next announcement.

PS5 Features

One key element Ryan did make sure to highlight at the end was that PlayStation is all about community. An image of fans signing the PS wall at PSX appeared behind him. While his wording was carefully chosen to not betray or tease anything else, he did seem to insinuate that future announcements regarding the PS5 may revolve around the community. This lends a lot of weight to rumors about a big reveal event, similar to the PS4’s reveal in February 2013 prior to its launch later that year.

Despite Sony not saying anything about the PS5 right now, there are quite a few leaks and rumors floating around. Pictures of the PS5 devkit and next-gen controller have made their way online, and people are tearing apart every new patent filing for any hint they can find about Sony’s upcoming console. For now, we’ll have to remain patient for a little while longer, but hey, at least we have that nice new PS5 logo to look at while we wait.