New Sony Patent Hints at a Push Towards User-Generated Content in the Next Gen

A new Sony patent has surfaced online, which indicates that the company will be placing a special emphasis on user-generated content with the PlayStation 5.

Discovered by Respawn First, the patent was initially filed in May 2018 but was published on Thursday, November 21st. The application describes a process called “scene tagging” as follows:

Scene tagging is used to characterize user-generated content associated with gameplay information associated with video games. Exemplary user generated content include video recordings or screenshots from within the video game that pertain to events that have occurred. Corresponding metadata would then be used to describe substantive aspects about the user-generated content such as details about where the recording or screenshot was taken, who was included in the user-generated content, and what objects are found in the user-generated content. The associated metadata would 1) allow users to search among various uploaded user generated content and 2) search within portions of those user-generated content for particular sub-sections of interest. Furthermore, the metadata associated with the user-generated content would allow viewers to experience the same events that were recorded.

This sounds like an evolution of the PS4‘s Capture Gallery features with a stronger emphasis on community sharing. The application further states:

Users can query for user-generated content associated with a particular event. Furthermore, the metadata can be used to search within the user-generated content. For example, users can query within the user-generated content for all instances when a particular character appears.

What do our readers think of this?

The full application makes for an interesting read so if you don’t mind some technical jargon, head over to the source link below.

[Source: USPTO via Respawn First]