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Pachter: $399 PS4 is “Genius”, “Sony Seized the Opportunity”, “Microsoft Messed up”, “Made a Mistake in Believing Their Own Hype”

The world’s most well known and controversial gaming analyst has shared his thoughts on the PS4 and Xbox One’s price tags, with Michael Pachter’s thoughts likely to help Sony keep on smiling.

Pachter said on Twitter:

#PS4 $399–GENIUS.  Microsoft messed up on this one, Sony seized the opportunity. €399 and £329. Talked about consumer trust. Well played

I think Microsoft made a mistake in believing their own hype. Their console has huge value, but they need to convince gamers of that fact

right now, most people think the two consoles are the same, games are similar, but one comes with $100, €100 or £80 cash back.

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