Sony: “A Lot of” PS4 E3 2013 Indie Games Could Come to PS Vita, There’s a “Huge Global Effort” to get Indies on the Platform

After talking about the PS4 and Beyond: Two Souls, Scott Rohde shrunk things down on the LiveCast when Meredith Molinari changed up the subject to the PS Vita, with Rohde saying that he “can’t imagine going anywhere without my Vita.”

Scott then talked a little about the games, mentioning that there’s “a huge global effort to bring all these great indie games to the platform.” Also, as a bit of a tease, he talked up the indie games that made an appearance on the PS4 at the Sony Press Conference, saying “a lot of those might make their way to Vita as well.”

While I’d personally like to see every single one of the PS4 indie titles make their way to Vita, my number one pick would have to Transistor from Supergiant Games.

Which PS4 indie title would you most like to see arrive on PlayStation Vita? Let us know in the comments below.